Awnings & Canopies


There are a number of ways to transform the outside of your shop as dramatically as with the installation of an awning. Able to project a contemporary or traditional visual statement, shop awnings are almost certain to raise awareness of your business.

If you have valuable stock on display an awning will also offer protection from the sun. Types of awnings/blinds and canopies include fixed Dutch blinds, foldable blinds, manually operated awnings and electronically operated awnings.

There are lots of colours to choose from and sizing is tailor made for your premises. Not only perfect for exterior sun protection – our awnings have been used to facilitate interior workspaces in areas affected by sun or heat. We are also able to sign-write or screen-printed fabric and powder-coat the frames on shop awnings to your satisfaction, as such, awnings can also be used as a form of 3D signage.

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